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Symantec Norton is a simple antivirus solution perfect for average users. It comes with lots of features. This antivirus promises easy-to-configure features and reliable protection. But what do users actually get? Find out in the Symantec Norton review below.

A brief overview

Symantec Norton works on different operating systems including Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. It’s very convenient because you can cover up to 5 devices with one subscription (even if they run on different platforms). When you install this antivirus, you get reliable malware protection. Besides, you get webcam protection and other tools like a password manager, a firewall, browser link checking, a VPN, etc. Together these tools keep your PC safe from all sorts of threats. Silent detection mode adds convenience as you don’t get tons of notifications every time the virus or threat is blocked.

Every Symantec Norton review mentions that this program has been tested by different independent labs including AV-TEST, AV-Comparatives, SE Labs, etc. All of them verified that it has nearly perfect results and great performance. Each lab showed that this antivirus scored 100% in real-world threat protection. This makes it a solid choice for household devices.

Pros and cons of Symantec Norton

The advantages of using this program include:

  • Perfect malware protection.
  • Lots of features.
  • A Safe Web browser plugin.
  • A VPN.
  • 50GB of online backup storage.

These are the top 5 features you need to know about before you install the software. Get to know more about them in the article below to define if you need this kind of software on your device. However, you shouldn’t neglect the drawbacks either.

The disadvantage is the renewal price. Keep in mind that when you buy the first year of subscription, you’ll get a very reasonable price. The 2nd year and on, the cost of using this program will greatly increase. So, be either prepared for this or stop the subscription in time and switch to another solution.

Main features and usability review

The software stands out by having fierce firewall rules. It’s very convenient and adjustable. Depending on the way you prefer, you can lock down your PC’s network connection or stop file-sharing the moment you join a public network.

Symantec Norton also offers to join Norton CommunityWatch. It sends the data for analysis. However, the choice is yours and you can easily refuse to join this program.

After you install the software, you can also manually add the Safe Web browser plugin. It was invented to protect your device from phishing sites and other potentially malicious search results.

Reading a Symantec Norton review, you must have noticed that it comes with a VPN. It’s a great tool that brings you anonymity when you are online and some other advantages along the way. For instance, you’ll be able to unlock some restricted content using servers from other countries.

The antivirus comes with extra tools like the system cleanup and optimization tool. You get a password manager and parental control. A webcam protection feature and 50GB of cloud storage for backup are great additions to the bundle.

The verdict

100% real-world protection and a reasonable price (for the 1st year of usage) make Symantec Norton a very good choice. It doesn’t impact the operating system much and brings extra features like a password manager, a VPN, etc. Compare all the pros and cons to figure out if you want such an abundance of features. Pay attention to little details in the description and the terms of using the software to have the best possible experience.

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