How to choose free random games for your children

How to choose free random games for your children

In the article, we are going to explain how to choose free random games for children and provide the list of the best online free games

Gaming tips for parents

There are 5 main tips for parents to ensure safe and mentally beneficial gaming for their children.

Ask children about their preferences

Before suggesting a game to your kids, get acquainted with their needs and preferences, learn about gaming process. Do not hesitate to ask what their favourite games are, and why they enjoy playing them.

Learn about your kids’ community

As there are many multi-player games for children, find out whether they prefer play alone or in the company. And if they play with friends, learn about their behavior, language they use, and the games they prefer to play together. Make sure your kids know how to recognize and deal with disruptive or abusive behavior. Explain what information they can and cannot share online.

Use Airplane mode

If you give the kids your mobile device to play games, make sure to use Airplane mode. Thus, children will not be able to make accidental purchase or chat with random people. In case kids have their own smartphones, tablets or laptops, it is better to explain about security importance and make sure their games do not encourage additional purchasing.

Check ratings and reviews

To choose a safe and age-appropriate game, check the game rating first. It should be at least 4.5 out of 5. Also, it should have a special sign meaning it is approved for a certain age. Then, read users’ comments carefully and look for red flags. If there are too many adds and paid content in the game, avoid it.

Do not forget about building on skills

It is better to suggest some learning games to your kids whatever age they are. Fortunately, there are various game categories to suit any taste. See below for more details.

Top free games for children

We have selected a number of games that are appropriate for children, safe, learning, and free. Also, we have divided them into 4 big categories. See the table below.

Game CategoryGame NameGame Description
Educational games (focus on writing, reading, math and science)Home BaseThe game presents narratives and characters of popular novels provoking interest to reading.
TypetasticThe game aims at boosting typing skills.
ADCyaIt covers various topics ranging from literature to strategy. The game suits the best kids aged 4-12.
Prodigy GameChildren customize their own characters, explore Fantasyland, and solve trickish problems in math.
2048This is a math puzzle where you have to move tiles, putting equal ones together and doubling their value. A player wins getting the value of 2048.
Coding and design gamesGamestar MechanicThe game explains how to create a video game.
Nancy Drew: Codes & CluesChildren are learning basic coding skills programming a robot and assisting Nancy Drew in solving the big mystery.
Creative games (focus on designing, building, drawing and writing)Toontastic 3DThis game helps to design 3D cartoons and stories.
Quick, Draw!Children draw whatever they want, and the machine has to guess the drawing.
Multiplayer gamesPoptropicaThis is a virtual journey where children explore new worlds, complete quests, and chat with players from around the globe.